About Us

Better Food – Better Health

Being served to numbers of customers around the world, Pho has been well known as a signature dish of Vietnamese cuisine. Even though the taste could be different from place to place, the dish still receives a lot of positive reviews from diners.

By realizing the fact that there are limited places available for Pho lovers, we opened Pho Ginseng Restaurant. Soundly by the name, along with traditional ingredients, our Pho soup base is made with ginseng. Pho base itself is herbal soup, yet we believe with this new combination, you can fully enjoy the health benefits from them.

For us, this place will not only serve you a good Pho, but it must also provide you healthy food choice. We carefully pick the finest quality ingredients, cook them thoroughly, and reserve the freshest taste for our dishes. In addition to Pho, you also are able to explore more about Vietnamese food with other dishes.

When you visit Pho Ginseng, we do not promise our food is the best in town, but we are proud that they are made with love and caring.